CoFit exists to add value to the health and fitness world. Our goal is to be that bridge that helps the fitness and health industries work  closely and more efficiently. We are a consumer-facing platform that has a social side as well. This is the tool we are using to create community in cities around fitness while give members of the app the space to connect with trainers. We are working to loop in physicians and dietitians on the platform so trainers and app members can have a clear view of their health outcomes based off their fitness activities. The CoFit app is a tool to expand the fitness world where individuals will be able to look at their physical health more holistically rather than just focusing on their physical appearance.

3 Core Pillars

Community: Providing access to find and be apart of local fitness community no matter where you are on your fitness journey.

Connect: Connecting health professionals and community outside of the “gym space”.  Granting individuals on-demand access to trainers, coaches, and dietitians.

Communicate: Message all members and trainers on app. Build organic communities through forums and groups.


Showcase your services to a diverse audience.
Contact clients one-on-one using our Trainer Messenger.
Organize and Highlight your client list.
Feedback rating system.
Custom pricing and program levels.

Fitness Events

Local Community events now have a broader reach
Find your direct consumer immediately
Manage ticketing for your fitness events
Connect directly with attendees and build rapport

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